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Fast and easy setup. Instant, real-time rates.
Guaranteed tender acceptance. All from your TMS.

A better approach to backup

Convoy Dynamic Backup transforms your routing guide by delivering real-time, competitive rates so you can instantly book loads with guaranteed tender acceptance.

There’s no need to wait for backup coverage or pay higher, last-minute spot prices. When you need flexible and reliable coverage for your business-critical and unpredictable freight, choose Convoy as your backup carrier to lock in competitive rates that automatically adjust to market conditions.

A truckload of benefits

  • Get competitive rates delivered instantly to your routing guide and updated automatically when rates fall
  • Save money by avoiding the spot market, where shippers pay 5–15% more on average
  • Save time with instant rates and guaranteed tender acceptance that can free up hours of your team’s time sourcing and monitoring backup coverage on loads
  • Gain breadth of coverage, from high-volume lanes to hard-to-source and unpredictable lanes
  • Secure reliable coverage through Convoy’s carrier network, vetted in real-time against rigorous safety standards

More TMS integrations than other dynamic backup providers

It’s easier than ever to get backup coverage. If your TMS provider is shown below, let them know you’d like to enable Convoy’s pricing integration.

Don’t see your TMS provider?

We have third-party integrator partners on speed dial to help with a simple API integration. Contact us to turn it on!

All from the leading digital freight network

When you add Convoy to your TMS, you get all the benefits of our digital freight network across our nationwide full truckload services for dry van, reefer, and drop.

  • Expand capacity: Get immediate access to our nationwide carrier network of over 400,000 trucks
  • Save time: Cover loads faster through our automated freight matching
  • Save money: Reduce your total cost to ship through technology-enabled efficiencies
  • Ship safely: Get peace of mind knowing that our carrier quality standards result in 16% lower predictive crash rating vs. the industry average
  • Improve operations: Use Convoy’s unique network insights to identify inefficiencies at your facilities and improve your supply chain operations
  • Ship responsibly: Lower your carbon footprint and support your sustainability goals by reducing empty miles

On-demand Webinar

Adapting to Freight Market Softening with Dynamic Pricing

Transportation teams are hopping into the driver’s seat to snap up cost savings in the soft market. Learn how you, too, can save time and money with dynamic pricing programs.


How does Convoy’s Dynamic Backup work?

When your primary carrier rejects a load, you fall back to your routing guide. Each time a backup carrier rejects the load, more valuable time is lost. With less time to find a truck, prices increase, and the possibility of a service failure looms.

Convoy Dynamic Backup inserts a real-time market price into your routing guide with 100% tender acceptance. This means that if you choose Convoy as your backup carrier, your load will be locked in at that price and you won’t need to worry about it falling to the spot market.

How is Dynamic Backup different vs. Backup / Spot?

Dynamic Backup has two key advantages vs. traditional backup:

  1. Traditional backup carriers don’t always provide any commitments on tender acceptance. Convoy Dynamic Backup offers 100% guaranteed tender acceptance when we bid. This is especially helpful in periods of high surge volumes like seasonal spikes, extreme weather events, etc. 
  2. Traditional backup carriers provide limited coverage, whereas Convoy Dynamic Backup provides instant quotes for all lanes within our nationwide network

Dynamic Backup also has three key advantages vs. traditional spot:

  1. Traditional spot auctions are time- and labor intensive to run, whereas Dynamic Backup does not require any load planner effort to run.
  2. Traditional spot auctions are typically launched after your routing guide is exhausted, whereas Dynamic Backup provides instant, market rates alongside shipper’s primary and backup rates-on-file, enabling a quick comparison.
  3. Dynamic Backup rates are often lower than Spot rates since loads have more lead time, enabling Convoy to secure capacity at lower rates.

How are Dynamic Backup prices determined?

Dynamic Backup prices are determined based on Convoy’s proprietary machine-learning algorithms that predict the cost to source a truck for the specific load requested by the shipper.

Convoy’s algorithms account for several factors such as truck capacity, shipper demand, truck type, loading type, origin-destination, pick-up and drop-off dates/times, number of stops, and more.

I’m a TMS provider who’s interested in working with Convoy—what do I do?

We’re always looking to expand access to our digital freight network. Let’s talk about how we can integrate with your TMS to extend Convoy’s benefits to your shippers.

Where can I find Convoy’s API documentation and developer tools?

Convoy offers developer resources for transportation providers and shippers to integrate our API into their TMS. To get started, you can see our API documentation, sample code, and developer tools. If you have questions, let’s talk.

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