Convoy leadership

Our leadership team and board of directors bring years of experience in technology and logistics.

Convoy leadership

Dan Lewis

Co-Founder & CEO

Mark Okerstrom

President & Chief Operating Officer

Amir Pelleg

VP of Carrier & Marketplace

Brooks McMahon

Chief Business Development Officer

Dorothy Li

Chief Technology Officer

John Morrow

General Counsel

Maggie Brady

Head of People

Ryan Gavin

Chief Growth Officer

Sean Huberty

VP of Customer Experience

Board of directors

Dan Lewis

Derek Zanutto

Grant Goodale

Jonathan Levy

Joy Tuffield

Reid Hoffman

Dhiren Shah (Observer)


Diego Piacentini

Former SVP, Amazon

Tom Nightingale

AFS Logistics CEO


Cascade Investment

Private Investment Vehicle of William H. Gates III

Jeff Bezos

Bezos Expeditions

Bono and The Edge

of U2

Marc Benioff CEO

Bill Bradley

former U.S. Senator

Howard Behar

former Starbucks President

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