Full truckload. Full confidence.

With Convoy’s full truckload service, get the capacity you need at the quality you expect—fast.

From live to drop and primary to spot, Convoy has you covered

We offer a variety of truck types to shippers of all sizes across our ever-expanding digital freight network in the US.

Ship with our extensive dry van capacity.

Get temperature control when you need it.

Preload trailers on your own schedule.

Regions we serve

Convoy operates nationwide in the US, offering reliable and flexible capacity.

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Our carrier network

Tap into our vast network of high-quality carriers to find a truck when you need it, know where your freight is at all times, and rest assured it’s being delivered by a safe, compliant driver—all for the right price.

Our digital freight network gives you vast, flexible capacity typically associated with brokers, while providing reliability, safety, and quality that exceeds the industry as a whole, including most asset-based carriers.

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More reliable capacity. More peace of mind.

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