Driving efficiency through automation,
data, and technology

Tap into the power of a digital freight network

We built Convoy from the ground up on machine learning and automation technology so your loads get covered faster and more reliably, saving you time and money.

Unmatched efficiency

Instantly offer shipments to thousands of vetted carriers. Our tech automatically chooses the best truck in minutes, based on location, price, driver performance, batching opportunities, and more. 

Industry-leading visibility

More than 97% of live loads and 100% of drop loads in our network are tracked end-to-end with the Convoy mobile app and smart trailer sensors, providing you with unmatched shipment visibility.

Proactive support

Automated carrier and shipment monitoring runs safety, compliance, status, and performance checks on every shipment and flags issues to our 24/7 operations team for faster issue resolution.

Online Shipper Platform

Take control of your freight

With Convoy, your freight is always at your fingertips. Just log in to our secure online platform to quote, book, track, and manage your shipments, 24/7.

  • Quote and book live and drop loads one by one or in batches
  • See real-time ETAs and delay alerts, with shareable tracking links
  • Give your entire team access to online BOLs and other proof of delivery documents

Hi-Fi Visibility

Radical transparency into shipment status and supply chain health

No one else can tell you more. Convoy’s Hi-Fi Visibility provides detailed, real-time updates and robust analytics to help you save time and improve the health of your supply chain. 

  • Track your shipments on a live map in real time
  • Uncover trends with interactive shipment and facility insights dashboards, visualizing 40+ key metrics
  • Leverage carrier feedback and facility reviews to become a shipper of choice

TMS Integrations

Seamless integration with your existing workflow

Convoy supports custom EDI integrations and offers unique, real-time pricing API integrations with leading TMS providers like Oracle, Blue Yonder, MercuryGate, e2open, Kuebix, and others.

  • Book, track, and manage all of your Convoy shipments 
  • Get instant, market-based quotes for backup and spot loads
  • Utilize visibility integrations with FourKites, Project 44, Macropoint, and 10-4
  • Automate invoicing and other administrative workflows

Dynamic Backup

Rev up your routing guide

Convoy Dynamic Backup transforms your routing guide by delivering real-time, competitive rates so you can instantly book loads with guaranteed tender acceptance.

Competitive rates are delivered seamlessly via API integrations to your TMS. Secure elastic capacity for demand spikes, unplanned demand surges, hard-to-source and unpredictable lanes.

Every move with Convoy is a smart one

Humans, empowered by tech

We offer 24/7 support for each and every load, with products and people that meet you where you are. Our high-volume customers get added peace of mind from a dedicated account management team. No one sets the bar higher than we do.

Digital freight network effects

Carriers in Convoy’s network can bid on every load from every shipper, large or small, across our network. For you, that means more efficiency and competitive rates that get even better as our digital freight network grows.

Supply chain insights

It’s not just about the rate per mile; it’s about the total cost to ship. We’re constantly looking for ways to save you time, reduce cost, and improve performance. We deliver those insights to you through in-depth reports and customized consulting.

Quality, dispatch-ready trucks

Our digital freight network extends to tens of thousands of owner-operators and small carriers you don’t have access to through a traditional broker. We monitor safety compliance in real time, resulting in a crash rate that’s 16% lower than the industry and a cargo claims rate 1/20th the industry average.

Your innovation partner

Stay competitive in any market, amid global challenges, with an innovation partner focused on solving your most pressing problems. Our people work alongside shippers and carriers to build the future of freight, together. Proof of innovation is in our performance.

Achieve your sustainability goals

Reach your corporate sustainability targets by shipping responsibly with the company that started the movement in efficient freight. Our initiatives will help you reduce carbon emissions, prevent waste, improve the lives of drivers, and more.

The most tech-driven provider in your routing guide

Convoy was the first to fully automate the freight brokerage process. Let us show you how our real-time, data-driven insights and our innovative freight programs can help you drive better performance.

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Stay ahead of the 2023 market with cost-cutting facility insights

Supply chain leaders described 2022 as a year of extremes. Make 2023 about balance. Our new Freight Insights Report covers insights and benchmarks on facility ratings, dwell times and accessorials that will help you improve your facility performance and control costs in 2023.

On-demand webinar

Using facility insights to optimize your supply chain operations

A Convoy shipper realized a 60% reduction in dwell time, a 57% reduction in excess transit, and a 69% reduction in incidental spend within four weeks. Watch the webinar to learn how Convoy’s next-gen facility insights made that possible.