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It’s a problem of empty miles

They’re emitting 87 million metric tons of carbon waste – and that’s in one year alone.

Nearly every product is transported by truck on its journey to the consumer, and every mile takes a toll on our environment. As our population and consumption increases, so does the problem of empty miles. We’re facing a massive inefficiency problem, and our planet is paying the price.

The empty miles are adding up

Heavy-duty full truckload freight accounts for more than 252 million metric tons of CO2 emissions per year. Today, 87 million metric tons of CO2-equivalent emissions are the result of empty miles.

Eliminating 87 million metric tons of carbon emissions

We can make a difference together

If the industry as a whole could achieve the same efficiency that Convoy has with bundling shipments, it would reduce that 87 million metric tons by 40 million metric tons of carbon, the equivalent of:

Taking 8.6 million passenger vehicles off the road for a year

Planting 661 million tree seedlings that grow for 10 years

Recycling 1.7 billion trash bags versus sending them to landfills

How you can reduce empty miles

Bundle shipments

Convoy reduces empty miles from the industry standard of 35% to 19% by bundling shipments into a single job for a driver.

Optimize appointment windows

Choose a Green Appointment Window instead of an exact appointment to increase the batchability of the shipment and reduce emissions by 36%.

Hit your sustainability targets

Sign up with Convoy today to start reducing your carbon emissions and ship more responsibly.