A new kind of freight partner

The reliability of an asset carrier. The flexibility of a digital fleet. The most tech-driven provider in your routing guide.

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Put the nation's most efficient digital freight network to work for you

Convoy uses technology and data to help Fortune 500 shippers like Anheuser-Busch and The Home Depot find the most efficient truck for every load.

Secure full truckload capacity across live and drop-and-hook through our nationwide network of 400,000 dry van and reefer trucks, our own fleet of drop trailers, and the industry’s largest power-only network.

Asset services. Brokerage flexibility.

With our vast, connected carrier network, Convoy is built to adapt in real time to meet shippers’ demands in the volatile freight market.

Innovation across your routing guide

Our unique pricing programs offer cost savings and guaranteed coverage across market cycles.

Guaranteed Primary

Guaranteed savings with Guaranteed Primary. Save money in soft markets and get 100% tender acceptance in tight markets. Learn more.

Dynamic Backup

Get guaranteed backup rates delivered to your TMS in real-time at no cost with our Dynamic Backup API. Learn more.

Instant Spot

Our Spot API integrates with your TMS, providing you with instant rates and 100% tender acceptance.

More reliable capacity

Our network has seen 16% fewer crashes compared to the industry, and 99.95% of our loads get delivered without a cargo claim. 

  • Automatic vetting before every load. Every driver in our network is vetted for their operating authority, insurance status, safety, and performance before every load.
  • Real-time performance monitoring. Our tech monitors shipments and proactively flags issues like a delayed ETA or stopped truck to our 24/7 operations team for fast resolution.
  • Quality capacity on demand. When we detect an increase in volume on any lane nationwide, our tech instantly alerts our carrier network to boost capacity by up to 40%. The result: More flexibility, faster coverage, and more competitive rates. 

Hi-Fi Visibility

A new class of visibility and transparency that shippers tell us they have never seen before — not from any other transportation provider in their routing guide.

  • 1,000+ data points on every load. Our 97% carrier app compliance delivers meaningful data and on-demand insights that align transportation teams and improve performance.
  • Real-time shipment tracking. Map trucks and drop trailers in real time, with GPS location updates every five minutes. Shareable links keep stakeholders in the know.
  • Facility insights dashboards. Get on-demand access to 40+ key metrics like on-time performance, accessorial spend, dwell time, facility reviews, and more that improve the facility experience and help you become a shipper of choice.

Tech that drives efficiency

Tendering, pricing, and matching happens in minutes, identifying the best, most efficient truck to move every shipment. The result? Better service, lower costs, and reduced empty miles.

  • 400,000+ trucks compete for your loads. Our app instantly offers your loads to thousands of qualified drivers. Drivers bid and compete to win your freight, resulting in market-competitive rates.
  • The most efficient match, in minutes. We use machine learning to find you the best truck by proximity, price, OTP likelihood, and more. Should issues arise, our tech can quickly find another truck.
  • Automated reloads for smarter asset utilization. Our tech identifies opportunities to combine multiple loads into batches, reducing carbon emissions by 45% and driver fall-offs by 11%. 

Ship sustainably

Every year, empty miles emit more than 87 million metric tons of carbon. Many organizations have goals to reduce carbon emissions — with Convoy, you can help your company achieve them.

  • Sustainable tech. Green Appointment Windows reduce carbon emissions by 36% and load batching reduce empty miles by 45%. 
  • Network optimization. Convoy brings the transportation networks of Fortune 500 shippers together, identifying efficiencies through partnership with proven results.
  • Measure, report, offset. See your environmental impact through GLEC accredited Scope 3 carbon emissions data and easy-to-pull reporting. Our partnerships offset any remaining emissions.

Full truckload freight capacity for your industry

One size doesn’t fit all across companies or industries and so neither do our solutions. See how we’re uniquely delivering for shippers in these industries.

Let us prove it

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How is Convoy different from other transportation providers?

Convoy combines the reliability of asset-based carriers, the flexibility of brokers, and unique benefits that only a digital freight network can offer. By automating tender acceptance, brokering, and pricing, we help you save time and reduce your shipping costs. By collecting more than 1,000 data points on every shipment, we provide you with insights that help improve your facility performance. And through unique programs like batching, we reduce carbon emissions from empty miles, helping you achieve your sustainability goals.

What services do you offer to shippers?

We provide full truckload service with either dry van or refrigerated (reefer) equipment, and also offer the industry’s most advanced drop-and-hook trailer network. We currently service the continental US. We don’t support pickups or deliveries at farms or ports, or service hazmat shipments.

Do you support contractual pricing and EDI (Electronic Data Interchange)?

Yes. The majority of our business is contractual (primary or backup) freight, and we also cover spot shipments. We support EDI integration and also offer pricing APIs through several leading TMS providers.

How do you vet carriers in your network?

Convoy holds carriers in our network to the industry’s highest standards in order to provide shippers with higher tender acceptance, better on-time performance, and fewer safety incidents. Our compliance team and machine learning models continuously evaluate carriers with input from both industry regulators and customers to build one of the industry’s safest, most reliable truckload networks. Our carriers have a 16% lower crash rate and a 20x lower cargo claims rate compared to the industry.

Will Convoy let me know where my shipment is after it’s left my facility?

Yes. We offer 24/7 visibility through live GPS tracking on your shipments, enabling tracking from up to 2 hours in advance of pickup to when it’s dropped off at its destination. We update the GPS location and shipment status every five minutes so you always know where your load is and what it’s doing. We provide real-time predictive ETAs and delay alerts with 30+ detailed reason codes. We’ll also notify you for major shipment progress milestones (accepted, in -progress, dispatched, at pickup, in transit, at delivery, delivered). 

How do I get started shipping with Convoy?

Shippers can complete this form to get started and our team will contact you shortly after.