Refrigerated truckload

Get reefer capacity when you need it. From day-to-day shipping to seasonal surges, Convoy has you covered.

Time to chill out

Our refrigerated trailers, or reefers, are sealed with temperature control. When you ship with Convoy’s reefer services, you’ll be able to chill out, just like your freight. Yes, we’re talking about the peace of mind you’ll have, knowing you can always get a truck when you need it, at the right price, with a quality carrier, all while knowing exactly where your goods are, every step of the way, 24/7.

When to use our reefers

Our reefer trailers are specially made to transport temperature-sensitive or perishable goods, and are extremely important for shipping everyday essentials. Convoy customers use reefer capacity across a range of industries, including food and beverage and consumer packaged goods (CPG). With reefer, the name of the game is capacity planning and supply chain visibility, and Convoy has you covered for the whole ride.

The most commonly-shipped goods in reefer are seasonal, making these trailers highly in-demand and requiring extra planning around securing capacity. As refrigerated products are time-sensitive and prone to spoiling, it’s essential to have frequent tracking and monitoring along the way, with regular driver updates.

If your goods do not need refrigeration, you might want to consider Convoy’s dry van services. Interested in learning more about how to ship with Convoy’s reliable, flexible capacity?

The Convoy advantage

When you book reefer through Convoy, you reap the benefits of our digital freight network.

Save time

Convoy’s digital freight network is the first and only to offer 100% fully automated brokering across load- and price-matching in key markets, finding you the best truck for every shipment at the right price in just minutes, not hours.

Reliable and flexible capacity

As a highly specialized trailer type prone to seasonal surges, reefer can be challenging to find for some, but with Convoy, we’ll get you a truck when you need it.

Improve quality

Trucks booked through Convoy are 16% safer than the industry average thanks to our rigorous quality and compliance standards, so you can have more peace of mind about your shipments arriving safe, on-time, and in good condition.

Transparent data and insights

When you ship with Convoy, you get access to real-time data that provides the supply chain visibility you need. Not only will you know where your trucks are every step of the way, but you’ll also gain insights on how to optimize your business, including data to improve facility operations.

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