Introducing Convoy for Brokers

Automate the brokering process.

The power to grow your business

Convoy for Brokers helps you match more loads 24/7 with flexible capacity while saving you time and money through automation. Tap into Convoy’s network of over 400,000 vetted trucks and 80,000 high-quality carriers to automatically find the best match for your loads. We handle carrier payments with Convoy QuickPay™ at no additional cost.
You remain the broker of record.

Reach more carriers, 24/7

Nearly 30% of our winning bids are made after-hours. With Convoy for Brokers, automatically reach carriers every day, at any time—even while you sleep—to make sure you find the right trucks at a competitive cost.

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Unlock quality capacity

Our unique quality and safety model verifies carrier compliance and performance before every load, resulting in 16% fewer crashes and 20X fewer cargo claims vs. the industry average.

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Leverage our tech at no cost

By adding Convoy’s proprietary technology to your brokerage, you’ll benefit from real-time visibility into your loads, automatic detention payments, electronic BOLs, and more to save you time and money.

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Frictionless carrier matching

Match with high-quality carriers up to 130% faster. Our industry-leading carrier safety standards ensure that every load is hauled by an extensively vetted, high-quality carrier. The result? 99.95% of our loads get delivered without a cargo claim.

Load matching at scale

Use our online platform and TMS integrations to quickly flex capacity as your customers’ demand fluctuates. Control carrier selection and confirm loads in as little as three minutes.

Industry-leading visibility

More than 97% of loads in Convoy’s network are tracked end-to-end with the Convoy mobile app and smart trailer sensors, providing you with unmatched shipment visibility.

Digital document management

Eliminate manual paperwork with online access to shipment documents, including BOLs, proof of delivery, and inventory photos, which are uploaded directly from Convoy’s app within 24 hours after a shipment is completed.

Automated carrier payment

We take care of carrier payouts. Through Convoy QuickPay™, carriers get paid in as little as 48 hours with no hidden fees and no additional paperwork.

Zero upfront costs

Free to get started. No commitments. No hidden fees. See transparent pricing for each shipment before you accept the bid. You only pay when loads are successfully booked through the platform.


Is this co-brokering?

No. In this relationship, Convoy is not acting as a broker, but as a technology platform. Brokers using this new program will remain the broker of record for loads booked through our platform. As the broker of record for their loads, they maintain the direct relationship with shipper and carrier, and are responsible for all aspects of the customer relationship and shipment fulfillment.

How does Convoy increase the productivity of a broker?

With our automated matching and bidding service, we reduce manual work on every shipment. Our technology uses more than 50 machine learning models to match broker-posted loads with vetted, ready-to-haul carriers, and it facilitates bid selection and carrier onboarding. The program also includes shipment tracking, as well as automated document management and carrier payout. Customers have told us they’ve been able to broker 30 loads/day vs. the industry average of 5-8 loads/day using our service.

How does Convoy ensure that broker data stays confidential?

We’ve isolated broker data, technology, and processes to ensure that our customers’ information remains private:

  • Data: Brokers’ data is stored in separate tables that can only be accessed by members of the Convoy for Brokers team. This data is isolated and is not used in the systems and models that power our shipper products and services.
  • Technology: Convoy for Brokers uses a separate technology stack to enable a further degree of separation.
  • Process: Our IT security policy outlines additional steps that keep brokerage data isolated. And we outline our processes and commitment to data privacy in our program agreement and privacy policy.

No commitments. No hidden fees.

See each bid’s all-in rate before accepting, or set your max buy to automatically accept bids and capture available capacity. Pay only when the load is booked.