Manufacturers trust Convoy with their truckload freight

Convoy’s digital freight network provides reliable, flexible capacity for the nation’s leading manufacturers.

Why Manufacturers Choose Convoy

As one of the nation’s largest full truckload networks, Convoy is a top freight provider to manufacturers of all sizes, from consumer goods producers to industrial equipment fabricators. Our digital freight network provides reliable and flexible capacity for primary, backup, and spot shipments. We use technology to automate processes, saving you time and money, and providing unmatched supply chain visibility.

Strong manufacturing experience

Procter & Gamble, Volvo, LG, and other leading manufacturers trust Convoy to deliver safely and efficiently at a moment’s notice. With our flexible capacity, nationwide drop network, and Dynamic Pricing capabilities that can rev up your routing guide, we have what it takes to move your freight on time and for the right price.

Reliable, flexible capacity

Convoy gives you the best of both worlds: reliability and flexibility. This includes our flexible drop-and-hook program, which is one of the most advanced in the market.

Higher quality, safer drivers

Your goods are in great company. Convoy has implemented industry-leading safety, quality, and compliance checks across services such as TIA Watchdog to ensure our carriers are compliant, reliable, and safe.

Unique supply chain insights

Our digital freight network collects more than 1,000 data points on every shipment, and we’ve gathered more than one million facility ratings. By analyzing this data, we can provide you with a level of supply chain visibility that was never before possible. Based on your dwell times, accessorials, and other information, we can tell you which of your facilities are performing well.

More reliable capacity. More peace of mind.

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