Unmatched Visibility into Shipment Status and Facility Performance

No one else can tell you more.
Convoy’s Hi-Fi Visibility provides detailed, real-time updates and robust analytics to help you save time and improve the health of your supply chain. 

What is Hi-Fi Visibility?

1,000 real-time data points

Hi-Fi Visibility starts with Convoy’s industry-leading app use. Our network of more than 400,000 connected trucks use our GPS-enabled app 97% of the time at every step of the job, allowing us to collect robust data sets.

Advanced machine learning

Multiple machine-learning models enhance the data collected through our app, helping accurately predict supply chain disruptions across Convoy’s network and proactively recover from delays.

Tools that make freight easy

Access high-fidelity tracking through TMS integrations, APIs, and our shipper platform. Our interactive insights dashboard helps identify opportunities to save costs and improve operations, visualizing 40+ key metrics per shipment.

Know what your truck is doing, not just where it is.

No more wasted time tracking down trucks with endless calls and emails. Get a pulse on your Convoy shipments any time with our online shipper platform.

Access your truck’s live GPS location as well as predictive ETAs and granular shipment statuses that update every 5 minutes. Share that information with your suppliers and vendors with tracking links that keep everyone on the same page. 

Sometimes ship happens. When it does, we let you know.

Proactive delay alerts tell you why a shipment is delayed, the updated ETA, and the actions we’re taking — all in real time. We report on more than 30 reason codes, including:

Easy out-of-the-box integrations

We partner with leading platforms to provide real-time GPS tracking and shipment updates right out of the box. You can access live tracking within the Flexport platform, FourKites, Project44, and Macropoint now, with more integrations coming soon.

Interested in a specific platform or want to connect to our tracking data directly? Get in touch to discuss Convoy’s Hi-Fi Visibility APIs.

Insights that improve your business (really)

Our interactive insights dashboard visualizes more than 40 key metrics for every shipment, including spend, on-time performance, dwell time, carrier retention, facility ratings, and written driver reviews.

Use these insights to uncover trends that can help you improve your operations and find savings.

Drive operational efficiency

Get granular visibility into each facility’s average dwell time, incidental costs, and on-time performance. You can even break out incidentals by type, day of week, or even time of day.

Become a shipper of choice

We’ve collected more than 3 million facility ratings and reviews. And now, you can directly access your review ratings, reasons, and written feedback to understand what carriers think about your facility.

Benchmark your performance

See how your facility performance stacks up against nearby facilities and industry peers so you can identify and prioritize the facilities that need improvements.

Manage what you can finally measure

With our Emission Insights Dashboard, you can view GLEC-accredited scope 3 carbon emissions data on all of your Convoy shipments to inform your decision-making and reduce your carbon footprint.

Your partner for the road ahead

We work day in and day out with our customers to unblock supply chain problems based on our data and insights — all at no additional cost. Let our in-house analytics and supply chain consulting services help you:

  • Optimize planning and scheduling
  • Reduce incidental costs, dwell times, and detention fees
  • Conduct site assessments
  • Increase drop trailer utilization and load batching

See Hi-Fi Visibility insights in action

On-demand webinar

How to unblock your facility bottlenecks using on-demand insights

Feeling overwhelmed piecing together a transit plan that takes into account carrier schedules, facility hours, and other operational realities for all partners in your supply chain? Learn how Convoy’s got you covered with our facility insights.


Freight Insights Report: Stay ahead of the 2023 market flip with these cost-cutting insights

Our new Freight Insights Report provides insights and benchmarks for facility ratings, dwell times, accessorials and more from our across our network that will help you control costs and improve performance in 2023.

Visibility into your trailer pool

Convoy’s drop-and-hook trailers have GPS and cargo sensors that provide automated updates on trailer location, loaded status, condition, speed, ETA, actual arrival, time in yard, and automate theft alerts.

With our facility dashboard, you’ll be able to see your trailers’ precise GPS location, their current status (empty, loaded, out of service), and upcoming availability at each yard.

Access powerful insights on-demand and in real-time.

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