Using facility insights to optimize your supply chain operations

Tech & VisibilityOn Demand • 39 mins

What is going on with the dwell times in our Southwest facility? Why have our incidental costs increased so much?

It can take months to get to the root of questions like these. But what if, instead of your team doing the legwork, a partner came to you and said, “Hey, we noticed excess transit, long dwell times, and high incidental spend at one of your facilities. After analysis of your local performance, we’ve identified a solution we think will streamline your operation and save you money. Would you like to hear it?”

This is the true story of a consumer paper products manufacturer — and how Convoy’s next-gen facility insights helped them find opportunities to optimize their facility operations.

In this webinar, You’ll learn:

  • The insights that helped this shipper realize a 60% reduction in dwell time, a 57% reduction in excess transit, and an 69% reduction in incidental spend.
  • How facility insights can drive operational performance and identify trends that reduce costs.
  • How Convoy leverages robust data sets from our tech-connected carrier network to boost an analytics and visualization platform that turns data into real-time insights.

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