Convoy’s digital freight network provides reliable, flexible capacity for the nation’s leading building and materials companies.

Why building and materials companies choose Convoy

Building and materials supply chains run tight. Our digital freight network helps with your balancing act between holding materials and quickly delivering through nationwide dry van and drop service.

Here are just a few reasons why our building and materials customers choose Convoy for full truckload freight, whether primary, backup, or spot.

A successful track record

Leading manufacturers trust Convoy to move their building and materials freight. With our flexible capacity, Dynamic Backup, and automated freight matching, we understand what it takes to move manufactured goods quickly and at the right price. We also know how valuable it is to turn data from our customers’ shipments into insights so they can optimize their supply chains.

Reliable, flexible capacity

Convoy gives you the best of both worlds: reliability and flexibility. This includes our flexible drop-and-hook program, which is one of the most advanced in the market.

Higher quality, safer drivers

Convoy has you covered with some of the industry’s safest drivers, thanks to our rigorous quality and compliance standards. Not only does this mean fewer crashes and damage claims, but it also helps reduce incidentals and maintain high satisfaction with your customers.

Unique supply chain insights

Because we’re a digital freight network, we give you insights into your supply chain to help you operate more efficiently. For example, we can tell you which of your facilities get the highest and lowest ratings by drivers.

More reliable capacity. More peace of mind.

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