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Convoy Recognized as a 2021 “Top Company for Women to Work for in Transportation”

Awards & Recognition, Convoy NewsPublished on October 25, 2021

Since 2018, the Women In Trucking Association (WIT) has presented the yearly award, “Top Companies for Women to Work for in Transportation.” This award was created in support of WIT’s mission: to promote the accomplishments of companies that are focused on the employment of women in the trucking industry.

“As women rise through the ranks in the transportation industry, we are excited to feature the companies that make the extra effort to attract and retain a more gender-diverse workforce,” said Ellen Voie, president and CEO of WIT. “We applaud their efforts and this distinction is our way of giving them the recognition they deserve.”

It is an honor for Convoy to be named as one of the recipients of the award for 2021. The final ballot was voted on by individuals in the industry, and “it garnered more than 14,000 votes to identify the final companies named to the list,” according to RTR Publisher Brian Everett. 

Convoy achieved this accolade through its commitment to building a culture that celebrates gender diversity, promotes flexible hours, provides competitive compensation and benefits, and encourages professional development and advancement opportunities. Company values, such as “Bring Out the Best in Others” and “One Team,” help foster a work environment in which people strengthen trust and connection across the team. 

Employee-led Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) also continue to cultivate community within Convoy, serving as a source of learning, development, and empowerment.

“The Womxn@Convoy Employee Resource Group was founded because Convoy is committed to fostering a more inclusive workplace for womxn, providing strong networking and collaborative opportunities to grow personally and professionally. We’re excited that Convoy’s efforts are being recognized externally,” said the Womxn@Convoy Council. 

Other female employees across the company shared their experience and perspective on working at Convoy: 

JJ, Quality and Compliance — “Convoy is what I refer to as a sandbox environment – I am able to learn, make mistakes, and grow all while being supported by my teammates. Convoy makes it easy to feel supported by other women as we make it a priority to check in on one another, network, and provide mentorship opportunities.”

Aaliyah, Brokerage“Convoy is hands down the most supportive company I have been a part of. Growth opportunity is made known on day one and every superior has one goal in common…to support your career goals and help you get there.”

Natalie, Sales “The teamwork at Convoy is incredible and getting to work with teams from all over the organization to help me do my best work is what I enjoy most about Convoy. We hire extremely smart people who want to see you win. This starts with our leadership setting the standard to raise the bar and making our success their success. Convoy is the first company I’ve worked for with female sales leadership, and as a woman from tech and now transportation, to see leaders who look like me and sound like me has been a first and a huge game changer.”

Kaleigh, Recruiting “I enjoy the complexity of the freight industry, and as for Convoy specifically, I am thankful for all of the incredible people that I have met. As our culture is centered around our values, we are able to create an inclusive and exciting environment.”

Jackie, Operations Having the opportunity to work with teams and peers who push me to be the best version of myself every day is what I enjoy most about working at Convoy. They consistently challenge me to think big, fail fast, and learn quickly which has become an essential part of my career and personal philosophy. 

Alicia, Account ManagementOne of the aspects I’ve enjoyed most about my time at Convoy is forging relationships with other female leaders through the Womxn at Convoy monthly small group meetings. I’ve learned a lot from hearing the experiences of other women in the transportation industry and it has made for a great support system of cross functional leaders.

Hope, Customer Experience“I came to Convoy during a transitional period in my life due to COVID-19. Since onboarding just last December, I have had numerous opportunities to add to my resume working cross functionally with different functions of the business! My team Leads supported a promotion due to my productivity within my first 4-5 months.”

We’re grateful for all of the hard work of the women at Convoy who are helping us execute our mission to transport the world with endless capacity and zero waste, and improve the experience of female truckers in the industry.

For anyone interested in joining Convoy, Convoy is hiring for several roles across engineering, operations, data science, product, and more. Check out our careers page to learn more. Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter to discover and read about life at Convoy.


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