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Convoy empowers carriers to combat human trafficking with new in-app feature

Carriers, Convoy NewsPublished on June 14, 2023

Convoy, the nation’s leading digital freight network, announced today a unique, in-app feature aimed at fighting human trafficking. The new feature enables the 80,000 carriers in Convoy’s nationwide network to immediately flag suspicious behavior and take action when they encounter potential cases of human trafficking.

Human trafficking is a crime of exploitation that affects individuals worldwide. According to the US Department of State, each year, an estimated 600,000 to 800,000 men, women, and children are trafficked, and this $150 billion industry is growing. Truck drivers traverse the vast expanse of the United States, venturing into truck stops and other less-frequented areas. This unique vantage point grants them enhanced opportunities to identify potential victims of human trafficking and promptly report any suspicious activity they encounter.

Convoy recognizes the critical role that technology and transportation professionals play in combating this crime. Building upon an existing partnership with Truckers Against Trafficking (TAT), Convoy has integrated a one-click reporting feature within the Convoy app, allowing drivers to easily report suspicious activities related to human trafficking. This activity could be an individual not understanding where they are, an individual or individuals who were demonstrating an inability to speak freely or who’s communication was being monitored or controlled, a minor who is seemingly under an adult’s control for financial gain, and more. Through this new feature, drivers can now text, call, or submit a tip to the national human trafficking hotline operated by Polaris, facilitating a rapid and effective response to potential cases. By leveraging its network and actively involving carriers, Convoy aims to raise awareness, aid in the recovery of victims, and support law enforcement efforts to apprehend perpetrators.

“We commend Convoy for their ongoing commitment to combat human trafficking,” said Molly Griffiths, Corporate Engagement Manager at TAT. “By providing truckers with a simple and efficient way to report potential cases, Convoy is demonstrating their commitment to the safety and well-being of vulnerable individuals. We believe that this in-app resource will further mobilize the transportation industry in recognizing and reporting instances of human trafficking and sets a positive example for the industry on the role technology plays in making a tangible difference.”

TAT has been at the forefront of combating human trafficking within the transportation industry. Through their educational initiatives and mobilization of transportation professionals, TAT has significantly contributed to the recognition and reporting of human trafficking instances. Convoy partnered with the organization in 2021 to establish a certification program for drivers as part of Convoy’s Haul Stars program, a membership group representing the most elite carriers who operate the more than 400,000 trucks in its network. Training is crucial because it educates truckers — who are on the road all the time — but also because their calls and reports can help build a wealth of evidence and allow victims to seek justice.

“Convoy is proud to launch this new in-app feature that empowers carriers to take a stand against human trafficking,” said Amir Pelleg, Vice President, Carriers and Marketplace at Convoy. “By providing our carriers with a simple and efficient way to report suspicious activities, we are fostering a culture of vigilance and solidarity within the transportation industry. Together with Truckers Against Trafficking, we can make a real difference and contribute to rescuing victims.”


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