Our values

Our values guide us in our mission to transport the world with endless capacity and zero waste.

Start with the customer #SWC

We walk a mile in our customers’ shoes and deeply understand their challenges and opportunities in order to delight them and deliver where it matters most. Their trust takes years to build, and can be broken in a moment.

Take ownership #TO

We see things through to completion, doing what needs to get done even beyond our own roles. We value results and learning, not activity. When we miss, owning it and recovering quickly is the next best thing to making the right call in the first place.

One team #1T

Together we are building one Convoy with one mission and we will succeed or fail through our trust in one another. We put our customers’ and Convoy’s needs first, over the interests of our own group.

Bring out the best in others #BOBO

We create an inclusive environment and invest in people so that everyone has the opportunity to do their best work. We make each other better by celebrating great work, sharing feedback, assuming positive intent, and being authentic.

Raise the bar #RTB

We hold ourselves and others to increasingly high standards and raise the bar with each new hire. We’re hard to satisfy and we pursue excellence in the quality and delivery of our work.

Have a sense of urgency #SOU

Our mission is pressing and we reflect that in our commitment and pace. We think, decide, and act in days instead of weeks. We use judgment when trading off speed for other qualities.

Love problems, not solutions #LPNS

Problems are evergreen, but the best solution changes over time. We don’t get so attached that we can’t let a solution go when a better one arises. We work as hard to define and understand problems as we do to solve them.

Know why #KW

Know why before taking action or investing time. We give context, set clear goals, and use independent judgment. We don’t do anything just because “someone said so” or “it felt right,” and we are intentional about trade-offs.

Think big #TB

We look beyond our day-to-day and regularly consider the full potential of our mission and the opportunity in front of us. We think past our comfort zone and plan for a future beyond our customers’ horizons.

Challenge ideas, respect decisions #CIRD

Speaking up candidly to vet ideas or share concerns is everyone’s job and the hallmark of a trusting team. We make space for this, even when uncomfortable or if the delivery is imperfect. Once a decision is made, we get behind it.

Dive deep #DD

We know the details of our business, explore anecdotes, and question beyond surface-level descriptions. We ask questions and audit explanations. We use judgment to decide when to trade off for speed.

Innovate deliberately #ID

Our focus is a limited resource. We invest it in building and strengthening the advantages we create for our business and stakeholders. Elsewhere, we don’t reinvent the wheel.

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