Employee resource groups

At Convoy, we’re committed to fostering a culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion. Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are one of the ways our employees help cultivate community within Convoy and create a more inclusive culture.

ERGs are employee-led, self-directed, voluntary groups that offer opportunities to network internally, to attract a diverse employee base, to provide the inclusion of ideas and solutions, and to create opportunities for mentoring and career development.

What ERGs do


Share knowledge, raise cultural awareness, and act as a bridge across cultural issues – improving Convoy’s cultural competence.


Work as an employee support system providing education, mentorship opportunities, information, and idea-sharing.


Support diversity and inclusion initiatives, especially related to recruitment, training, and retention efforts when possible.


Support managerial effectiveness, leadership development, and communication with employees.


Work to enhance civic engagement and strengthen Convoy’s links to, and image in, the community.


Operate consistently with Convoy’s values and policies. ERGs are welcoming to members of all backgrounds and their allies by design.

Current ERGs

Black @ Convoy

The mission of Black@CONVOY is to represent + celebrate Black employees at Convoy. We plan to create a supportive and inclusive community that promotes employee growth and allyship, as well as recruitment and community engagement efforts.

Convoy Commanders

Convoy Commanders will support Convoy’s strategic goals by integrating veteran talent, creating strong teams with diverse perspectives, and sharing our experiences with the world. We will provide transition resources, employee support and development, and unique experiences to build a stronger company.

Latinx @ Convoy

The mission of Latinx@Convoy ERG is to cultivate an environment of inclusion and promote diversity, as well as attract, retain, and develop members of the Hispanic/Latinx community across all orgs.

Parents @ Convoy

Parents at Convoy is a passionate group of Convoy employees who voluntarily work together to attract, retain, promote, and develop employees who are parents, and provide support and mentorship for working parents.

Pride @ Convoy

We make Convoy a more inclusive workplace by highlighting and representing the LGBTQIA members of our team and their allies. We achieve this by creating and advocating for community within the company, supporting the external LGBTQIA community, and helping to find and retain LGBTQIA talent.


We are an ERG for those who are from Asia, have Asian roots, or are interested in Asian culture. Our mission is to create an inclusive environment by promoting Asian diversity within Convoy and celebrating Asian cultures.

Women @ Convoy

We offer professional and personal development programming which cultivates a culture of empowerment for all Convoyagers, regardless of gender identity. We offer womxn meaningful opportunities to connect with each other across the organization, including both peers and senior leaders.

Interested in starting an ERG?

If your community is not currently being served by our ERGs, get in touch with our DE&I team who will work with you to stand up a new ERG group.

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