Five drop-and-hook innovations enabling Fortune 500 companies

Freight ServicesOn Demand • 29 mins

With more pricing power, shippers like you have the opportunity to evaluate additional ways to get access to elastic capacity, save costs, and improve service levels. One route you can try?

Flexible drop-and-hook.

Many Fortune 500 shippers prefer moving their freight via preloaded drop trailers, and many would ship more drop if they could, but operational constraints have stood in the way. Thankfully in recent years, machine learning and automation have enabled an entirely new breed of drop program.


  • How you can overcome the operational constraints of shipping drop.
  • How Fortune 500 companies have improved their on-time performance, facility efficiency, service levels, and more by shipping drop.
  • How you can equip your facilities to do drop to meet vendor requirement.

Featured Speaker:

Rylan Hawkins

Rylan is a director of product & engineering at Convoy. He co-founded Convoy Go and is currently focused on the tech of Convoy for Brokers. Rylan earned his Computer Science Engineering degree at the University of Washington.

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