Convoy guaranteed primary

Cost savings in every market condition. Guaranteed coverage on all your freight. No contract needed.

An industry-first freight procurement solution

Guaranteed Primary helps you reduce costs across market cycles while delivering 100% tender acceptance and unrivaled transparency. Access in-depth analytics for a full picture of shipment characteristics, rates, savings, and performance at the lane level. 

Enrolled shippers saved an average of 11% on their freight with 17% higher tender acceptance versus the market—all without the need to renegotiate contracts and mini-bids.

How Guaranteed Primary works

Stay in sync with the market

Snap up competitive rates across market cycles. Convoy’s proprietary machine learning algorithms ensure rates automatically adjust with market conditions at a lane level while ensuring 100% tender acceptance, eliminating the need to reshop.

Choose which lanes to enroll in Guaranteed Primary and how frequent you want rate updates. We review rates with you prior to uploading them to your TMS. You’re billed as loads are tendered and shipments are completed—no reconciliation needed.

Get 100% coverage, no volume caps

From your most business-critical, high-volume lanes to your difficult-to-source, low-volume lanes, there’s coverage with 100% tender acceptance waiting for you on Guaranteed Primary. Always.

Not a fan of volume caps? Neither are we. With more than 400,000 trucks in Convoy’s network, we provide you with unmatched capacity that flexes with your demand.

Access full transparency

See just how competitive Convoy’s rates are, along with your estimated savings, in monthly reports. We’ll also show you our performance down to the lane level, covering total spend, rate per mile, tender acceptance, on-time pickup and delivery and more.

Learn more about Guaranteed Primary

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On FreightWaves’ award-winning podcast, trucking industry veteran and Convoy VP of Sales Spencer Hennigar shared how shippers can save big and stay resilient across market conditions with Guaranteed Primary.

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$1.6 million in savings with a Fortune 50 retailer

Avoiding out-of-stock scenarios was business critical for this Fortune 50 retailer. Learn how their pilot with Guaranteed Primary led to an estimated $1.6 million in savings and 100% tender acceptance.

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How does Convoy guarantee capacity?

Guaranteed Primary taps three main levers to guarantee capacity to shippers: 

  1. Power of our network: We can guarantee capacity because of the size and scale of our nationwide network. We are one of the largest truckload networks in the nation, with more than 400,000 trucks pulling dry and refrigerated loads. Convoy also has a nationwide drop-and-hook network of thousands of trailers that can be hauled by any driver in our network. 
  2. Power of our technology: Our in-house technology features neural networks to predict demand, supply, and price. The algorithms feature reinforcement learning and constantly improve with volume.
  3. Processes and people: Prior to onboarding, we review lanes, shipment volumes, capacity, and trailer checks to ensure we can deliver 100% tender acceptance.

How are Guaranteed Primary rates determined?

Guaranteed Primary rates are based on Convoy’s proprietary pricing algorithms that predict the cost to source trucks and take into consideration factors such as 1) external market conditions, 2) lane characteristics, and 3) Convoy’s network strength.

How is this different from “cost plus” or index pricing?

In cost-plus pricing programs, truck costs are determined based on the actual incurred cost once the shipment has been completed. In index-based pricing programs, truck costs are estimated based on the market index for a given period at the time freight is tendered.

Guaranteed Primary rates are determined by algorithms that forecast truck costs for a given period and time that freight is tendered. You know the rate upfront, so there’s no need for billing reconciliation. Unlike cost plus and index pricing programs, Convoy takes on the liability of rates being accurate in Guaranteed Primary and has a vested interest in driving costs down.

What are the reporting capabilities?

Trust and transparency are core to Guaranteed Primary. As a part of the program for all enrolled lanes, we share monthly reports with you. The report includes the following:

  • Performance summary
  • Metrics on shipment characteristics
  • Metrics on cost savings
  • Lane level details such as truck costs, tender acceptance, on-time pickup (OTP), and on-time delivery (OTD)
  • Comparison to market data such as FreightWaves market rejection

Guaranteed coverage. Savings at the ready. Transparency always.

Enroll your lanes in Guaranteed Primary today.