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Convoy Employee Spotlight – Quan Farley

Behind the ScenesPublished on November 17, 2021

Convoy could not accomplish our mission of transforming the $800 billion freight industry and transporting the world with endless capacity and zero waste without the amazing Convoyagers who work to solve the problems and inefficiencies that have plagued our industry for decades. Convoy employees come from a wide range of backgrounds and fill many distinct and vital roles within the company. Today, we’re highlighting Quan Farley, a Manager on the Operations team, who is responsible for maintaining and raising the high bar Convoy sets in our customer service. 

What do you do at Convoy?
As an operations manager my primary responsibility is setting up and maintaining structure for our Operations team to ensure we are executing seamlessly and in accordance with Convoy’s business goals. Our Operations team works with Shippers and Carriers to support the movement of our customer’s goods. Additionally, but equally as important, we are culture champions. It is my duty as a manager on the Operations team to lead by example and ensure that we align our decision making and daily execution with Convoy’s Values. This includes modeling our values in how we interact with shippers and carriers as well as in how we interact with internal partners and our own teams. My goal is to ensure a positive company culture is embedded in my team and issues that arise are escalated appropriately so that we can continue to scale operations effectively. 

What excites you most about Convoy?
What excites me most about Convoy is our adaptability and resilience in an ever-changing environment. The pandemic challenged us to think about how we collaborated within the Operations team, kept our teams engaged, onboarded and developed new talent, and partnered with cross-functional stakeholders. We went from a successful model working in-person from our offices, to 100% virtual in a matter of days. Convoy provided every employee, regardless of role or tenure, a great deal of empathy and support to adjust to what has become our new normal. We were able to adjust effectively because of the overwhelming support from team leaders that allowed our company to scale and grow at a rate that had not been seen prior.

What excites you most about your current role?
At Convoy we love problems – understanding that while solutions might change as we learn and grow, the core problems of inefficiencies are evergreen. As we continue to dive deep into how we achieve our goal of transporting the world with endless capacity and zero waste, there is always something new to learn! My role constantly challenges me as a professional to be adaptable and raise the bar – not only in the projects directly within my scope but also in the cross-team collaboration with brilliant, values-driven professionals all across the company. 

Take Moonshot week for example, we dedicate an entire week to innovating deliberately and thinking big about large-scale improvements that disrupt the freight industry, outside of our day-to-day work!

How have you experienced Convoy living its values?
#SWC: Start with the Customer. Our goal is to ensure that when decisions are made that may impact our customers; we walk a mile in their shoes and deeply understand their challenges and opportunities in order to delight them and deliver where it matters most. Convoy has done this exceptionally well not only for our customers, but also for our team members – especially during the pandemic, when we initially entered in the uncharted territory of change that impacted how we interact on a daily basis. Convoy went above and beyond to ensure our team was supported during the transition and came up with innovative ways to ensure we all felt valued and stayed connected.

What advice do you have for prospective Convoy candidates?
When joining Convoy, one must enter with an open mind and an enthusiastic heart. The work can be ambiguous, fast paced, and it requires a sense of ownership end-to-end as projects often require building out structures that are scalable. For prospective candidates, read up about the company, its values, its mission, and its problem space. Do you enjoy being a disruptor and diving deep into problems? Wonderful! This may be the role for you!

Interested in joining our team and helping transform one of the world’s biggest industries?  Check out our careers page!

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