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Convoy wins 2021 National Carrier of the Year Award from Niagara Bottling for the third time

Awards & Recognition, Convoy NewsPublished on December 2, 2021

Convoy is honored to be named 2021 National Carrier of the Year from Niagara Bottling for the third time in the last four years. Niagara recognized Convoy for exhibiting resilience and strong tender acceptance; Convoy demonstrated its ability to continually service freight amidst tight market conditions. 

“This award is for our partner who provides nationwide coverage and truly differentiates themselves through their excellent performance. Thank you for your support, engagement and reliability throughout the year. Convoy proved that even in challenging years, they can deliver on commitments and expectations.” 

– Fabio Baldassari, Director of Procurement Logistics, Niagara Bottling

(From left to right, Shawn Safieddin – VP of Supply Chain; Anup Pillay – VP Procurement; Fabio Baldassari – Director of Procurement)

Since Convoy started working with Niagara in 2016, the goal has been to make Niagara’s supply chain more efficient and more sustainable through the reduction of empty miles. Through a joint partnership approach, significant operational efficiency gains have been achieved, saving both companies time and resources. 

“It’s an honor to be recognized by Niagara as the 2021 National Carrier of the Year. Winning this award three out of the last four years speaks volumes to the importance of this partnership. It’s always amazing when you get the opportunity to work with a partner that wants to deep dive into unique challenges they are facing in the supply chain, and you get to tackle them together through innovative problem solving.”

– Zach Knobel, Director of Account Management, Convoy


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