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Your feedback in action: happy 10-4 day!

CarriersPublished on October 4, 2023

Every October 4th we highlight the changes, both big and small, that we’ve made to Convoy based on suggestions from carriers like you. It’s our way of saying, “We’re listening—your message has been received!” 

Thank you for your hard work, continued partnership, and honest feedback as we celebrate 10-4 Day.

Improved trailer quality 

We heard from you that trailer maintenance while on the road can be a big hassle, so in June we launched an improved trailer inspection process in the Convoy app to give you access to a higher-quality fleet. By gathering more information at trailer pickup and delivery, we’re able to repair trailers faster, saving you time and reducing your chances of being blocked during your load. Learn more here

Faster bid responses

We’ve heard from many carriers, including AMA Transport, that you’d prefer to find out more quickly if you’ve won a load so you can better plan your schedule. This year we launched instant bid responses to make booking loads faster than ever. Bids are immediately accepted, countered, or rejected, helping you win loads faster at rates that work for you. 

Better work predictability with day rate contracts

Some carriers, like T F Trucking, asked us to make it easier for small carriers and owner-operators to have more income predictability through contract work. In response, we introduced day rate contracts so you can book full days or weeks of work in one click, without worrying about scheduling. Running a day rate contract gives you the ability to know you’ll get paid for a full day of work, and be able to return home every night. Interested in a day rate contract? Drop us a line with your preferred lanes and rates.

Easier access to Spanish phone support

In the past, our carrier phone service didn’t give you the option to hear the menu in Spanish, or be directly connected to someone who could speak Spanish. After hearing feedback about how frustrating this could be, we took action. Now, as soon as carriers call Convoy customer support, they will have the option to press “9” if Spanish is their preferred language, and they can be directly connected to one of our Spanish-speaking agents. 

More trailer flexibility

Did you know you can earn more and reduce empty miles when you haul power-only with Convoy and use our trailer for other work after your initial load? Based on feedback from carriers like ASBAT Transport, we increased the time you can use our trailers by up to two weeks! During that time you can use the trailer like it’s your own to haul loads—even those booked through other companies. Learn more here

More scorecard insights 

Many of you told us it would be helpful to better understand how your carrier scorecard is affected over time. In January, we launched the carrier scorecard on our web app to make it easier for you to find a detailed breakdown of quality scores, areas for improvement, and more. Also, you can now easily request a review of any shipment you want us to take another look at. 

Report trafficking in the Convoy app

You can make a huge difference in helping the efforts to stop human trafficking. This year we put a one-click feature in the Convoy app, allowing you to easily report suspicious activities related to human trafficking to the National Human Trafficking Hotline operated by Polaris. Learn more here

Tell us more

Have ideas for how we can make Convoy better? Let us know how we can improve your experience by selecting “Give Feedback” in the Services tab of the Convoy app.


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