How shippers can benefit from flexible drop-and-hook

Freight Services

Shippers and carriers love drop-and-hook freight for its speed and simplicity. In fact, the majority of US Fortune 500 shipments are sent through preloaded drop trailers.

The challenge with drop has been one of scale. Traditional drop services are limited to specific lanes and regions, and when demand surges, they can’t flex up to accommodate the additional volume.

In 2017, Convoy Go became the first drop service to let carriers of all sizes haul power-only loads using a shared pool of smart trailers. This unique approach to drop offered shippers flexible capacity with the reliability they’d come to expect from asset carriers.

Technological advancements through the use of machine learning and automation have further differentiated unique drop services like Convoy Go. Today, shippers can get automated, nationwide drop capacity across primary, backup, and spot—all from the same provider.

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  • The difficulties of traditional drop and how it can cost shippers 9% of their annual freight spend
  • The concept of a flexible drop service and how it empowers shippers to overcome traditional drop’s problem
  • How Convoy uses innovative technology to make this all hapen

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