Tire discounts and roadside assistance

Why buy with Convoy’s discount?

We know that tires are a major cost to keep your trucks running. We’re excited to offer discounts typically reserved for large fleets to all carriers in our network.

  • Online access to Goodyear tires at prices typically reserved for larger fleets
  • Available on all Goodyear Commercial truck tires, including Marathon and Kelly brands
  • Pre-pay for your tires and installation so there are no surprise costs when you arrive
  • It’s easy – your exclusive discount will be automatically applied at checkout

Tire issue?

Take advantage of Goodyear’s tire FleetHQ

A no-occurrence-fee roadside assistance program that is available to carriers 24/7
  • Call Convoy’s dedicated line @ 833.4.CONVOY (426-6869)
  • Get connected with a representative within two minutes and be back on the road within two hours
  • Available 24/7 and with no occurrence fees
  • Know how much you’ll pay before the service arrives, with special Convoy discounts automatically applied

Available to all carriers in Convoy's network

Owner operators and small fleets can now access discounts that are typically reserved for larger fleets. By combining Convoy’s discount with Goodyear’s online pricing, carriers can save up to $100 per tire, or $1,800 for the truck and trailer.


Is this tire discount available to every carrier?

This exclusive discount is available to all carriers in Convoy’s network. If you’re not currently signed up with Convoy, get signed up today.

How big is the discount?

By purchasing online through Convoy, carriers can save up to $100 per tire, or $1,800 for the truck and trailer, across Goodyear’s family of brands. The exact discount varies depending on the exact model.

Which tire brands does this discount apply to?

Our discount applies to all Goodyear Commercial truck tires, including Marathon and Kelly brands

Is there a discount code I need to use?

By using the link provided on this page, the discount is automatically applied at checkout (you won’t see it as you browse)

Do I have to buy tires online?

To access the biggest discount, carriers need to buy online. Carriers can also use our national account discount if they want to purchase through a retailer by instructing them to use Price Support # N0009072. See this PDF with the specifics, which includes showing the Convoy app on their phone.

How much does the FleetHQ roadside assistance program cost?

There is no occurrence fee for Goodyear’s FleetHQ roadside assistance program that connects you with the nearest retailer. You pay only what your local retailer charges for the roadside assistance, tires and installation. You will also receive Convoy discounted pricing for the tires. We recommend saving this number to your phone now so you have it next time a tire issue occurs: 833.4.CONVOY

How does FleetHQ work?

By calling 833.4.CONVOY, you’ll be connected to a dedicated Convoy associate who will help you figure out which tires you need and locate the Goodyear supplier nearest to your truck. They will then connect you directly with the supplier and someone will be sent to install new tires and get you back on the road within 2 hours. You will automatically get the price typically reserved for larger fleets.

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