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The Future of Freight

40 thoughtfully curated pages on supply chain disruption, market volatility, freight procurement, and more — from leaders at Flexport, Flexe, Ardagh Group, and Convoy.

Cover story

The Road Ahead: 6 Ways Technology Will Enable the Future of Freight

Convoy CEO Dan Lewis on his vision for the future of the trucking industry and the implications it has on global supply chains, millions of truck drivers, and our planet.

Featured stories

A Conversation with Flexport's Sanne Manders

Flexport’s digitization expert shares his perspective on how shippers can use technology to build a more efficient and resilient supply chain of the future.

Stop Wasting Your Time Putting Volatile Freight in RFPs

Clinging to traditional patterns and practices of contract freight is a liability in the world of volatile supply chains. Fortune 500 shippers are leaning into these new approaches. You can, too.

Could All Freight One Day Be Drop-and-hook?

Drop is a win for shippers, carriers, and the planet. Fortune 500 companies would move more drop if they could, but drop has its constraints. We explore what it would take to build a 100% drop future.

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Thomas Singletary
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Carrier Spotlight:
Jacinda Duran

Featured contributors

Sanne Manders

Chief Operating Officer,

Karl Siebrecht

Co-founder & CEO,

Jacinda Duran

Carrier &
Lady Truck’n Influencer

Dan Lewis

Co-founder & CEO,

Thomas Singletary

Owner & Dispatcher,
Tithing Transport

Brad Benbow

Business Growth Investments,
Ardagh Group

Jennifer Wong

Head of Sustainability,

Ryan Gavin

Chief Growth Officer,

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