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Convoy Employee Spotlight – Elise Van Vuren

Behind the ScenesPublished on September 29, 2021

Convoy could not accomplish our mission of transforming the $800 billion freight industry and transporting the world with endless capacity and zero waste without the amazing Convoyagers who work to solve the problems and inefficiencies that have plagued our industry for decades.  Convoy employees come from a wide range of backgrounds and fill many distinct and vital roles within the company. Today, we’re highlighting Elise Van Vuren, a Senior Program Manager on the Shipper Experience team, who is continuing to bring out the best in everyone she works with and is driving positive change for our customers. 

What do you do at Convoy?

As a Senior Program Manager for Shipper Experience, I partner closely with our customers, the Sales Team, and the Shipper Experience Product team to develop the Convoy website. My team focuses on building programs that help customers of all sizes feel comfortable within the product and maximize efficiency through the Convoy website.

What excites you most about your current role?

I am super excited about the growth potential in my current role, both for myself, and the product I work on. It is a relatively new team and it has a long runway for growth and impact to Convoy. I am especially excited about the position because the product we’re building should help improve our customers’ day to day lives. Our goal is to make the portion of their role that deals with freight as easy as it can be. Most importantly, the team I work with is incredible! There is nothing that the group of people on the Shipper Experience team can’t achieve. We stay focused on the customer, each other, and building a better tomorrow. 

How has Convoy helped you in your career development?

The list could go on forever! Convoy has helped me tremendously when it comes to career development. The areas that stand out most to me are building confidence, problem solving, and developing an incredible network of mentors. 

At Convoy I’ve noticed a few things consistently – Convoy trusts their employees to make good decisions and supports employees when we ‘fail’. At Convoy I’ve found endless support in trying things out, testing new ideas and learning along the way. Through this company mindset I’ve developed more confidence in myself to go outside of my comfort zone and try new things. This has led me to develop bigger and better ideas for Convoy because I am not operating from a place of fear. We tackle hard problems all the time – some ideas work and some don’t, but either way we learn and that propels us forward faster than if we never tried. 

I think Convoy’s best asset is the people. At Convoy I’ve found nothing but kind people who are invested in helping you get where you want to go. People are willing to take time out of their day to teach you a new skill, offer advice on a specific situation, recommend you for new opportunities, and more. I’ve found an extremely supportive network that truly believes in helping each other grow. I am so grateful for the people at Convoy – they make me better everyday!

What excites you most about Convoy’s future?

The people and the problem space. We continuously have new people join Convoy that uplevel our current teams. The people that join Convoy are smart, driven, and kind. I always learn so much from those that join our company and love seeing the immediate impact they make. 

There are still a lot of problems to solve in the trucking industry and Convoy can help be part of the solution. Convoy is super focused on staying close to shippers and carriers to learn what problems need attention and the best way to solve them. Everytime we solve one big pain point – we learn about more and set out to solve those, too. It is fun to think about the world we can create with carriers and shippers down the road.

What advice do you have for prospective Convoy candidates?

Take the leap! Apply for a role at Convoy! More tangible advice would be to take the time and think about why Convoy is a good fit for you. We are a company that truly lives out our values each day and it is important that those values align with the working environment you are looking for.
Interested in joining our team and helping transform one of the world’s biggest industries?  Check out our careers page!


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