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Introducing Convoy Dedicated On Demand, the most flexible way to dedicate freight

Convoy News, Press Release, ShippersPublished on February 14, 2023

Today we’re excited to roll out Convoy Dedicated On Demand, a new service providing dedicated truck and drop trailer capacity that can flex to accommodate freight surges. Dedicated On Demand gives shippers the cost stability and quality service they expect from traditional asset carriers, along with Convoy’s unrivaled flexibility to source a single truck or an entire fleet in just a few days.

Traditional dedicated contracts are largely inflexible, with asset carriers allocating a set number of trucks and drivers to a given agreement. The moment any additional trucks are needed, a traditional asset carrier would have to acquire more trucks, hire extra drivers, or relocate existing assets, which could take several weeks or even months.

Dedicated On Demand addresses these challenges through our automated routing technology and network of 400,000+ trucks. When volume surges, we quickly add trucks to the fleet of dedicated carriers and incorporate the additional freight via our algorithm-driven routing technology. And for drop freight, we automatically relocate Convoy trailers to the pickup location within hours. This helps shippers avoid the hassle and cost unpredictability of the spot market.

We know shippers value driver consistency to improve operational efficiencies, and with Dedicated On Demand they see the same carrier at their facilities 90% of the time. Shippers can also take advantage of Convoy Hi-Fi Visibility, which provides detailed, real-time updates on their freight, plus access to on-demand facility insights and benchmarking tools to further streamline their operations. 

Pairing the speed and flexibility that only Convoy can deliver with the service and cost stability of traditional dedicated freight opens up new opportunities for shippers. Dedicated On Demand can be used to cover long-term, consistent freight as well as short-term projects, such as transferring goods between facilities. And with more than 400,000 power units in the Convoy network, we offer the nation’s largest fleet of on-demand tractor capacity for hauling private fleet trailers.

Your ability to be flexible, adaptable, and on time tremendously helped us complete our mission of transitioning to the Atlanta building. Thank you again for being a great partner.”

A Fortune 500 multinational food shipper

If you’re interested in learning how Dedicated On Demand can help your transportation team expand your freight coverage, drop us a line or contact your account manager.


Katy McCown

Katy is a director of product management at Convoy, where she builds products that help carriers find consistent work with less hassle. Prior to Convoy, she worked in consulting and K-12 education. Katy received her BA in Human Biology and MA in Education from Stanford University.
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