2020 Annual Freight Insights report

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With 1,000+ data points collected per shipment across millions of pickups and deliveries, Convoy’s digital freight network has amassed a lot of data. We’ve analyzed this data to take a look back at the year in freight for 2020. The result?

Our Annual Freight Insights Report.

The 2020 Annual Freight Insights Report signifies the first time we’re making data from our digital freight network publicly available with this level of detail and analysis. We assembled this report with help from our industry-leading data science team. We reviewed our proprietary network data along with broader economic data to assemble this white paper. The report captures a unique picture of North American freight in 2020.

2020 was a historic year, with the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted virtually every aspect of every industry. Transportation was no exception. As we navigated a turbulent environment, it was difficult to make sense of the overarching trends shaping the freight industry. This report presents a much clearer picture of the year in logistics, quantifying the rippling effects of COVID-19 on the North American freight industry in hard numbers.

Insights include:

  • Month-over-month outbound shipment volume trends
  • Average facility ratings broken out by industry
  • Average dwell times for pickups and deliveries
  • Performance for drop-and-hook shipments
  • Incidental trends, including detention and TONU by industry
  • Survey data on supply chain sustainability

Download the report to see trends and insights from 2020 that our analysis uncovered.

A sneak peek:

Featuring page 10 of the report.