Unblocking facility bottlenecks using on-demand insights

Tech & VisibilityOn Demand • 42 mins

It can feel overwhelming piecing together a transit plan that takes into account carrier schedules, facility hours, and other operational realities for all partners in your supply chain.

Convoy’s got you covered! We’re breaking down how we went onsite with an industrial packaging materials manufacturer to partner on an improved transit plan using our next-gen facility insights. We helped remove bottlenecks for their drop-and-hook program – streamlining their facility operations, improving communications, and reducing overall costs.

In this webinar, we share:

  • The insights that helped this shipper realize a 44% reduction in pickup blocks (PUBs) and a 67% reduction in incidental spend for their drop-and-hook program.
  • How improved planning and distribution of volume unlocked a day rate model saving an additional 8% on line haul rates.
  • How Convoy leverages robust data sets from our tech-connected carrier network to boost an analytics and visualization platform that turns data into real-time insights.

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