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Keep your trailers filled with reefer loads from national shippers.

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The loads you want

Access reefer freight that otherwise would be limited to large asset-based carriers. Book loads 24/7 from the Convoy app, no phone calls required.

Earn more money

Convoy’s load board is completely free, no tricks or gimmicks. Plus, Convoy QuickPay™ gets you paid in two business days for free or within eight hours for a 1.5% fee.

Haul with less hassle

See facility details and reviews from other truckers before you book, request detention pay with a tap, and get automated load alerts – all through the free Convoy app.

Reefer loads, available today

Finding reefer loads is fast and easy in the Convoy app.

  1. Go to the load board page and select Sort & Filter
  2. Set Trailer to Reefer and tap submit
  3. Start booking reefer loads

Sign up now and be ready to haul in minutes.


What are Convoy reefer loads?

Convoy reefer loads are loads that require temperature controlled trailers to transport perishable freight. The refrigerated trailers are typically 53 feet in length and are equipped with insulated walls, floors, doors, and roofs. Reefer loads are visibly marked in the Convoy app as “Reefer.”

What are the benefits of hauling reefer loads?

Some of the benefits of hauling reefer loads include higher rates and steady year-round demand. Refrigerated truckloads typically average more per mile than flatbed and dry van loads. Compared to other industries, refrigerated product demand remains fairly consistent all year, so reefer drivers spend less time looking for loads.

How do I find reefer loads?

To find reefer loads, open the Convoy app, and follow these three easy steps:

  1. On the Load Board page, select “Sort & Filter”
  2. Select “Reefer” as the trailer type
  3. Start booking reefer loads

What if I’m unable to see reefer loads?

We are constantly adding more loads to the Convoy app. If you don’t see reefer loads in the lanes you like to run, set up a reefer Saved Search to be notified immediately when we have reefer opportunities near you. 

How do I qualify for free Convoy QuickPay™?

All Convoy loads are eligible for free, two-day Convoy QuickPay and qualifying is easy. To qualify, drivers must be logged into the Convoy app with location services turned on 3.5 hours before pickup through the entire shipment’s duration, and a signed Bill of Lading (BOL) must be uploaded within 24 hours. 

Does Convoy offer other load types?

Beyond reefer loads, we also offer dry van, flatbed, and power-only loads.

Interested in renting a dry van trailer? Learn more about our dry van trailer rental offering.