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Convoy’s digital freight network provides reliable, flexible capacity for the nation’s leading CPG companies.

Why CPG companies choose Convoy

Convoy gets consumer packaged goods to retailers quickly and reliably through our digital freight network with nationwide support for dry van and drop.

Here are just a few reasons why our CPG customers choose Convoy for full truckload freight, whether primary, backup, or spot.

Strong CPG and retail experience

Lower your total transportation costs and get 100% tender acceptance on your primary freight, all without an RFP. Insights reports provide visibility into truck costs, margins, and more for true cost and performance transparency.

Reliable, flexible capacity

Convoy gives you the best of both worlds: reliability and flexibility. This includes our flexible drop-and-hook program, which is one of the most advanced in the market.

Higher quality, safer drivers

Convoy has you covered with some of the industry’s safest drivers, thanks to our rigorous quality and compliance standards. Not only does this mean fewer crashes and damage claims, but it also helps reduce incidentals and maintain high satisfaction with your customers.

Unique supply chain insights

Because we’re a digital freight network, we provide insights into your supply chain to help you operate more efficiently. For example, we can tell you which of your facilities get the highest and lowest ratings by drivers.

We recently helped one of our customers quantify the impact of using drop vs. live shipments by showing how their drop freight had a 34% lower incidental-per-load rate. By moving more freight to Convoy’s drop program, we showed them how they could save more than $85,000 in annual expenses.

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