Convoy Just-In-Time

Eliminate the need for expedited services with guaranteed on-time delivery and capacity that flexes to match your demand in any market condition.

Precise on-time delivery, guaranteed

Just-In-Time guarantees on-time performance of your shipments within 15 minutes of scheduled delivery time to ensure a disruption-free supply chain. With capacity that scales within days to match your demand, you can save up to 11% on your annual freight costs by avoiding the cost of expedited or backup services.

Strict on-time performance requirements? We've got you covered.

The only service with nationwide flexible capacity

Say goodbye to production shutdowns, stock outs, and fines resulting from late deliveries. Convoy’s flexible network of more than 400,000 trucks and thousands of drop trailers ensure your freight is delivered on-time.

Safeguard against disruptions

Convoy’s technology predicts expected arrival times of your shipments and actively monitors every shipment for potential delays. If problems arise, our teams proactively communicate and collaborate with you to ensure the shipment arrives right on-time.

Know where your shipment is, 24/7

You can track the status of your shipment in real-time through our interactive dashboard, your TMS, or set up customized alerts and notifications on your phone or email. Create shareable links for your customers or suppliers to keep everyone on the same page.

Keep your supply chain disruption-free.

Secure your Just-In-Time capacity today.