Convoy: helping drivers earn more with less hassle

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At Convoy, we’re providing shippers with flexible and reliable capacity, helping carriers earn more with less hassle, and preventing harmful CO2 emissions from entering the atmosphere by eliminating waste and inefficiency from the freight industry. 

Drivers are as diverse as the loads they haul, but together they form the backbone of our nation’s supply chain. Here are three of their stories.

Jacinda: I've been driving for seven years and I'm a third generation lady trucking.
David: I've been driving for about seven years. I am the first driver of my family.
Alfonso: I've been driving for nine years. I started because of my dad. It's in my blood.
TITLE CARD: Convoy was founded in 2015...envisioning a more efficient way to move freight
Jose: Before we knew about Convoy, we worked with another broker. Everything was difficult.
David: I was calling brokers on the daily. You can be 30 brokers in calling before you can find a load.
Jacinda: I had to take what was given.
Alfonso: We didn't have a lot of freedom. We would take orders like you do this, you're doing this.
TITLE CARD: We built the leading digital freight network...helping drivers earn more with less hassle.
David: With Convoy, it's a lot different. Convoy has an app set up perfectly, so not only are you bidding on loads or not only do they show you your lane, but they have come back loads. It's a game changer.
Jacinda: As a new carrier working with Convoy, I had access to the prime loads from the very beginning.
David: You can plan your life a lot better with Convoy and you can book loads straight through the app and you know what you're doing this time. A couple days from now, that's a lot easier on the family.
Speaker 4: It's one photo, one upload on the app, and I'm done.
Alfonso: With the QuickPay from Convoy is like no percentage taken off and you get your money in two, three days. I feel like we both win because the shippers are happy that their product is getting one place up to another on time when they need it. We take pride in our work. It's just a whole circle that if we're doing good, everybody's lifting good around us.
David: With power only, they're able to load their trailers on their own pace and schedule when the delivery can be picked up.
Jacinda: It's a win-win fr the shippers and the drivers. There's transparency. No hidden fees, no hidden costs. Everything is there.
TITLE CARD: We help save our planet...taking empty miles off the road.
Jose: The technology of Convoy, it gives you the ease of not running empty miles.
David: They can give you round trips which then makes less deadhead miles, which are better for the environment. And not only that, it saves money and puts money back in the company.
Alfonso: I have kids, I have daughters. They're going to grow up in a healthy environment. We're looking into a couple of decades into the future.
David: I can't live without Convoy right now.