What does it take to be a top-performing facility?

Industry Insights, Tech & Visibility

In a tight market, a top-performing facility experience can help you gain access to more reliable capacity. But how do you know what separates a top-performing facility from one that’s below average?

Get the answer and more in Convoy’s 2021 Freight Insights Report.

This report takes a closer look at performance data, written reviews, ratings, and even emojis that carriers have shared from their experiences at shipper facilities across Convoy’s digital freight network.

Our insights include:

  • How facilities rated in 2021, amid the pandemic, port congestion, and labor shortages 
  • The single most important determinant of facility rating
  • The five characteristics of top-performing facilities
  • How seasonality affects facility ratings and how you can prepare 
  • Unedited facility reviews shared from our driver network
  • How logistics teams can use data to improve facility performance

Download this report to see how you can use facility ratings and reviews to turn your facility experience into your competitive advantage. 

A sneak peek:

Featuring page 11 of the 2021 Freight Insights Report.