Shipping Responsibly: 2022 Corporate Sustainability Report


The Ship Responsibly report describes Convoy’s 2022 progress regarding our sustainability commitments and goals. This report details how Convoy has aligned its Shipping Responsibly strategy with the United Nations (UN) Global Compact to advance the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Our new strategy places emphasis on four main priorities: people, planet, industry, and operations. 

Convoy achieved significant milestones in terms of business and sustainability impact: 

  • To date, we have prevented 16.2 million pounds of carbon emissions, reduced 3.2 million empty miles, and saved 600,000 gallons of fuel. 
  • We continued to operate carbon neutral for our Scope 1 and 2 operations while pursuing a path to net-zero emissions by 2040.
  • To build a future that democratizes access to freight, we invested in key programs and technologies that make it more efficient for small carriers to keep their trucks full and earning. 

In logistics and supply chain, we have a responsibility to do our part to reduce waste and make the system more sustainable for shippers, truck drivers, and the planet. Sustainability continues to be an urgent issue, and we are committed to doing our part.”

Dan Lewis, co-founder and CEO of Convoy

Additional 2022 highlights include:

  • Released our first Supplier Code of Conduct, derived from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the International Labor Organization’s Declaration on the Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work.
  • Achieved Global Logistics Emissions Council accreditation through the Smart Freight Centre to calculate Scope 3 greenhouse gas emissions within our network.
  • Released Emission Insights to provide shippers with on-demand measurement and reporting of Scope 3 carbon emissions in our network.
  • Recertified for the sixth year as an EPA SmartWay Transport Partner, committing Convoy to measuring, benchmarking, and tracking the company’s efforts to increase efficiency and fuel economy in trucking.
  • Convoy employees provided 42,000 meals to Seattle and Atlanta communities over the holidays.

Our 2023 commitments:

As we move forward into 2023 and beyond, we hold three core commitments: reduce empty miles and eliminate carbon emissions in trucking; operate with net-zero carbon emissions by 2040; and make the trucking profession more sustainable for smaller carriers and their drivers.

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